Photos from the CSX Big Sandy Sub

last updated: 06/14/04

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Catlettsburg - CMG 0.0

CSX 204 rushes north through Catlettsburg, KY, with the horn blowing for the grade crossings and the engineer calling the clear signal at Big Sandy Jct. (May 04, 2002)

Savage Branch - CMG 4.7

CSX 245 West leads its train past the Calgon Corporation plant in Savage Branch, KY. Note the original C&O whistlepost and signal masts. (May 04, 2002)

Lockwood - CMG 7.5

The essence of the Eastern Kentucky region: A well-maintained right-of-way, long coal trains, hills, and giant piles of coal. (May 04, 2002)

CSXT 224 and 354 lead U389 through a curve in Lockwood. (April 06, 2004)

WD Cabin - CMG 9.2

CSX 204 passes under the old C&O signal mast at WD Cabin. (May 04, 2002)

CSXT 224 starts U389 into single-track territory at WD Cabin. (April 06, 2004)

Burnaugh - CMG 10.4

CSXT 245 West splits the signals at Burnaugh. (May 04, 2002)

Buchanan - CMG 14.0

Two views of U389 snaking eastward alongside US 23 near Buchanan. (April 06, 2004)

CSXT 204 West sweeps through a curve alongside US 23 near Buchanan. (May 04, 2002)

As viewed from the shoulder of US 23, CSX 204 leads a loaded coal train through a graceful curve. (May 04, 2002)

Buchanan Chapel - CMG 15.0

CSX 204 climbs the 0.31% grade through Buchanan Chapel, KY. (May 04, 2002)

Fullers - CMG 20.0

Just around the corner from Kentucky Power Company's Big Sandy Power Plant, U389 sweeps through a 4°33' curve. The scope of earthmoving that was performed when US 23 was rebuilt to four lanes is apparent from the condition of the cliff behind the train. (April 06, 2004)

Auxier - CMG 68.0

CSXT 31 East kicks up dust in Auxier as it approaches OX Cabin on Track 2. (April 06, 2004)

Prestonsburg - CMG 73.5

Viewed from the KY 114 bridge, CSXT 31 East crosses Middle Creek as it passes the south end of Prestonsburg siding. The Middle Creek Sub diverges from the main just out of sight around the curve. (April 06, 2004)

Stanville - CMG 90.0

CSXT 31 East rushes through Stanville, KY. (April 06, 2004)

Harold - CMG 93.6

At Harold, CSXT 31 East passes the remains of a recently-removed storage siding. (April 06, 2004)

Coal Run Jct. - CMG 100.0

CSXT 31 East sweeps past a classic C&O signal bridge and milepost 100 at Coal Run Jct. The Coal Run Sub heads northeast from here, crossing the Levisa Fork of the Big Sandy River on the curved deck girder bridge at right. (April 06, 2004)

Fords Branch - CMG 111.2

CSXT 31 East briefly came to a stop next to CSXT 669 East at the Fords Branch crossover before getting permission from the yardmaster to enter Shelby Yard. (April 06, 2004)

Levisa Jct. - CMG 116.1

This former Tennessee Construction Company NW7 serves at McVicker Mine. (April 06, 2004)