Photos of the Kankakee, Beaverville & Southern RR

last updated: 06/06/04

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I visited the Kankakee, Beaverville & Southern RR for the first time on October 06, 2001, and was quite pleasantly surprised to find the following selection of unique items.

Freshly repainted Alcos!! C420 315 and RS-11 321 shine in the late-afternoon sun at the KBSR diesel shop. (Iroquois, IL, October 06, 2001)

KBSR 321. (Iroquois, IL, October 06, 2001)

KBSR 315. (Iroquois, IL, October 06, 2001)

A short distance south of the shop is the dead line. 309, 301, and 318 are all RS-11s. (Iroquois, IL, October 06, 2001)

318 isn't going anywhere anytime soon... note the lack of trucks. (Iroquois, IL, October 06, 2001)

KBSR 301. Note the dab of white on the sill below the cab... (Iroquois, IL, October 06, 2001)

A closer inspection of 301 revealed someone had scrawled "NKP" in the grime -- and the unit's old NKP number, 2569, showing through the KBSR paint! But what's that writing below? (Iroquois, IL, October 06, 2001)

301's builder's plate! (Iroquois, IL, October 06, 2001)

ORDER NO 3297-2
MARCH 1958

The enterprising shop forces created a big snow plow out of an old MILW steam engine tender. (Iroquois, IL, October 06, 2001)

Adjacent to the diesel shop is this John Deere grass mower. Note the hi-rail wheels... (Iroquois, IL, October 06, 2001)

This rather complex bridge is just north of the shop. Looking to the south, there's a two-span deck girder, a wooden trestle, a through truss with deck girder approach spans, and finally another wooden trestle (the middle of the last three piers supported an old, no-longer-existing span). (Iroquois, IL, October 06, 2001)