Photos of railroad bridges - Ohio

last updated: 06/06/04

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Conneaut NS spans Conneaut Creek and the Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad with this bridge on the east side of Conneaut, OH. (August 09, 2002)

Greenville This truss bridge carries the Greenville Running Track over Greenville Creek in Greenville, OH. It appears that the span is only used during grain season. (April 05, 2003)

Pikeville I found this long-abandoned arch bridge near Pikeville, OH (just north of Greenville), just off US 127. I think I was told that this was on the old Big 4 line between Union City, IN, and Columbus, OH, but I'm no longer certain. I'd welcome any specific information. (April 05, 2003)

Portsmouth Although not a railroad bridge, I couldn't pass up capturing this view of the Carl D. Perkins Bridge reflected upon the Ohio River. (May 23, 2002)


A couple miles east of Portsmouth, OH, is CSX's massive Sciotoville Bridge, a two-span, 1,550-foot continuous truss bridge over the Ohio River. The structure, the heaviest continuous truss bridge on the continent, was designed by David Steinman and built by Gustav Lindenthal between 1914-17 for the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway. (April 05, 2004)

Below, the Sciotoville Bridge is silhouetted against a twilit sky as the last rays of light were disappearing on Friday, May 03, 2002.

Sidney CSX's ex-B&O Miami River Bridge. (March 09, 2003)

Sidney CSX's ex-Big Four Miami River Bridge. (March 09, 2003)