2018 Coyote Ridge Endurance Ride


Coyote Ridge Endurance Ride photos have been posted at SmugMug!

I’ve organized the galleries by distance:

  • The first loop of the 25s and 50s each have their own gallery.
  • The second loop of the 25s and 50s are mashed together into one big gallery because of overlap between the distances.
  • The 75s, trail riders, and TYM Relays have their own galleries for all locations. I couldn’t identify TYM rider 403B, so whoever you are, you’ll have to dig through all the galleries to see if there’s a shot of you.

I got bored sitting out there and decided to experiment a bit at the second loop spot. I used a panning technique for most riders, attempting to primarily freeze the rider’s and horse’s heads while capturing motion in the extremities and blurring the background. It isn’t easy capturing those brief moments that heads are moving in exactly the same direction as the camera! I’d appreciate feedback on what you think of these shots and whether I should try them again where the situations permit.

I did my best to place everyone in the appropriate gallery, but browse the others if you don’t find your photos where you expect them. Following are links to the galleries, and please review the additional notes below.

Scenes around ride camp
Scenes around ride camp

25s – First Loop
25s - First Loop

50s – First Loop
50s - First Loop

25s and 50s – Second Loop
25s and 50s - Second Loop

75s – All Locations
75s - All Locations

TYM Relays – All Locations
TYM Relays - All Locations

Trail Riders
Trail Riders

Please note that by habit I shoot “loose” compositions, so the resulting high-resolution images offer you plenty of freedom to create your own cropping and still produce high-quality prints. Thanks for your patience, I hope the results have been worth the wait!

Copyright notice: Digital downloads are offered for the purchaser’s personal use only (sharing on social media, personal websites/blogs, making prints, etc.). I retain copyright to the photos, and any use in publications, advertisements, derivative works, or for other commercial purposes must be approved be me in advance.

If you need to get in touch with me, please use the contact form. If you leave a comment on this page, I might not notice it for six months. (True story.)

(Note: Prints and downloadable high-res images are not watermarked — the overlay only appears in the preview galleries.)

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